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Betsy Large Hoop Earrings 1990’S

Betsy Large Hoop Earrings 1990’S

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These stunning large gold plated hoops are the perfect accessory for any ensemble. Featuring a classic hoop design and a high-shine gold plating, these earrings will inject a touch of style and sophistication to your look. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just adding a little sparkle to your everyday wardrobe, these earrings will be sure to elevate your style.


Gold plated

Never been worn, from original source & packaging. 

4.5cm diameter

You earrings arrive in our 100% linen bags.

All post earrings for pierced ears are non-refundable.

Laboo's Rediscovered vintage selection has been carefully chosen to make there creations available to all fashion- and planet-loving jewellery enthusiasts, granting them the ideal combination of sustainability and fashion.Gold plate, 2.5 cm x 1 cm

If you would like a personal message with your gift please email after your purchase.

*Please note that vintage jewellery was produced prior to the introduction of the 2002 law prohibiting the use of nickel or nickel compounds. Customers allergic to these metals may experience skin rashes or irritation where the metal is in contact with the skin.


We consider vintage items to be 20 years or older. The exact age is sometimes unknown so periods are approximate. Most of our items are pre-owned, some not old enough to be considered vintage.Please note, these items do not carry the word "vintage" in their description on this website.

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